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What are the outstanding advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows?
The principle of heat insulation broken bridge aluminum interior doors and windows is to insert heat insulation strips into the aluminum profile base to disconnect the aluminum profile to form a broken bridge, which is useful to block heat conduction. The thermal conductivity of insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows is 40 ~ 70% lower than that of non insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows.
Advantages of broken bridge aluminum:
1. Broken bridge aluminum fireproof function. Aluminum alloy is metal and will not be burned.
2. Broken bridge aluminum. Windproof sand and wind pressure resistance. The inner frame straight material adopts hollow planning, strong wind pressure deformation resistance and good sensation resistance. It can be used for high-rise construction and civil residence. It can plan large-area window type and large daylighting area. The air tightness of this window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, which can ensure that there is no dust on the indoor windowsill and floor in the area with strong wind and sand.
3. Broken bridge aluminum has high strength, no deformation and no protection. The broken bridge aluminum window has high tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation. It is strong. After use, the broken bridge aluminum profile is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, not easy to turn yellow and fade, and hardly needs maintenance.
4. Broken bridge aluminum, green building materials, circular economy. In the production process, not only will there be no harmful materials, but all materials can be recovered and reused. It is a green building material and environmental protection commodity, which is in line with human sustainable development.
5. Broken bridge aluminum has many opening methods, which is comfortable to use. There are flat open type, inward inclined type, upward suspended type, push-pull type, flat open type and inward inclined and compound type, which are suitable for public construction, residential community and municipal engineering.
Excellent hardware accessories are used, the operating handle is humanized, beautiful and comfortable, open, convenient and sensitive. Each application action passes the inspection, and the number of fatigue experiments reaches more than tens of thousands of times. The sliding is easy and silent. The sophisticated and perfect door and window processing technology and high-precision program control processing base produce, and the quality is stable and guaranteed.

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