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The difference between thermal break aluminium and non-thermal break aluminium
The broken bridge aluminum cask window, as the name suggests, refers to the aluminum profile on both sides of the aluminum alloy, and the heat insulation strip of nylon is used in the middle to connect. (The heat insulation strip, similar to the bridge on the river, is used for heat insulation, but also can play a role in insulation, disconnect the high heat transfer of aluminum, so it is usually called broken bridge.)
Non-broken bridge aluminum casement window does not have a middle partition.
2. Performance:
Because there is no middle partition, the whole bridge is made of aluminum alloy, and the thermal conductivity of the metal is the strongest, so its thermal conductivity, heat preservation, safety and other points are lacking compared with the broken bridge.
The air and water tightness of the broken bridge aluminum is very good, and the heat preservation performance is superior. The double-layer hollow tempered glass is used to make the casement window really show the sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation functions.
The price of broken bridge aluminum is much higher than that of non-broken bridge aluminum.

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